Why Do I Feel Like I Have No Time? | Time Management Advice No One Tells You

Why Do I Feel Like I Have No Time? | Time Management Advice No One Tells You

Why do I feel like I have no time? This time management advice helps explain why we stress and why women are tired.

I’ve rearranged my life to focus on Stephanie Danger full time, but I found myself feeling anxious and like I never have enough time.

This video explores women’s relationship to time and how women can tell the world “I’m taking back my time”. Learning to say no and set boundaries will never go out of style. It’s part of the answer to how to have more time in the day.

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00:00 Teaser/Intro
00:52 My struggles with time and what changed the day before my 50th birthday
03:15 The Universe sends me some time guidance
04:18 Women’s relationship with time
05:10 Why time advice doesn’t work for women
06:51 The historical context of women and time + how to say no
07:33 My disillusionment with using men in history as reference for my daily life goals
08:00 Charles Darwin’s daily routine + the invisible labor of women
09:30 Reclaiming our time football/Maxine Waters meme
09:45 Ending systemic time theft
10:25 The deepness of our relationship with time + how do you feel about time?
11:38 How we change our relationship with time
12:37 Using pomodoros to connect with your body’s needs
13:27 Use your time for what are you here to do
13:57 Help me give the finger to the YT algorithm
14:49 Outro

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