Title Talk Andrea Pollara Time Management in an Inventory Crisis 2

Title Talk Andrea Pollara Time Management in an Inventory Crisis 2

Andrea Pollara business coach, gives some great insights on Time Management tips in an Inventory Crisis. Whenever there is a shortage of anything, it takes a longer amount of time to find what you’re looking for.

This is the current state of the US real estate market. There are approximately 70% fewer available homes for sale on the market today than there were three years ago. This is having a dramatic impact upon the way real estate agents go about identifying properties that meet buyer expectations.

Since 2010 when the big housing crash hit, new construction has been slow to meet the demand that was surely going to arise.

Now Realtors and buyers are stuck fighting each other for, the few properties that meet their expectations.

Agents need to be better managers of not only information but also time, because time now becomes a critical factor when it comes to finding the right house.

Agents are now going to rely upon the quality of their team, which includes the attorney, the title officer and the mortgage broker. They will need to work closely in order to submit a winning bid for a home.

Pre-approved buyers must be ready with almost an offer in hand.

Agents must have new listing alerts sent directly to their phone. But also they must have their team alerted whatever they show a home, even if it is only a virtual showing.

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