Tips on Time Management for Freelancers

Tips on Time Management for Freelancers

What are the tips on time management for freelancers?

Time is a key to get success. Time changes into money in freelancing. Time management is necessary whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer. Saving time means saving money. A plus point of freelance work is freelancers have the choice to manage time by themselves.
This video will show you some tips on time management for freelancers.
1. Schedule planning
 Take your first step in freelance work by setting your schedule. Schedule making would be the point to manage your time.
2. Choose working hours
Some people like to work in the daytime and some at night. Choose working hours depending on mental and physical conditions.
 3. Clients working hours
Choose to work on day timings when your clients are sitting in their offices. It would increase the chances to win more clients and save time.
4. Sort your projects
Take a view of your project list. Mark the crucial works and start working on them.
5. Relaxation time
Working and relaxation both go along with each other. Effective working needs freshness of mind. Spend some time to fresh your mind.
6. Meeting time of submitting work
After taking the project, manage time according to the time of submitting.
7. Time managing tools
You can also take help of some time-saving tools like

– Toggle
– Asana
– Google Calendar
– Notion
– Harvest

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0:07 Tips on Time Management for Freelancers
3:57 Productive time of the Day
6:50 Clockyfiy
8:57 Toggl
9:35 Asana
11:03 Click Up
11:45 Google Calendar
13:16 Ask Dankash community

Watch the complete video to know more about tips on time management for freelancers.

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