Time Management Tips For Working Women | How To Manage Your Time | Shyamli Rathore, Leadership coach

Time Management Tips For Working Women | How To Manage Your Time | Shyamli Rathore, Leadership coach

As a working woman, it is really important to have a time management plan because a woman has to look after her family, children, and household chores as well. So here are some Expert tips for working women to manage their time effectively.

Watch Leadership Coach & facilitator, Shyamli Rathore shares Time Management tips for Working Women in conversation with Sipping Thoughts.

Habit of reflection- Make a priority list and put all the important tasks at the top and manage your time for them first.

Create a list of To-Do’s: as a working woman, one should ensure that her to-do list is ready every night. Mention all the tasks that you have to do the next day. It’ll help you to manage your time more easily.

Set DND Time- recognize that one time of the day when you’re most productive and get most of your work done in that much time.

Setting up an appropriate morning routine is also a good time management tip for working women.

Start your day with some meditation or exercises. And, Do not look at your screen right after waking up.

Along with managing time, make sure you follow your morning routine as well to get a productive start to the day.

Shyamli Rathore is Global Leadership Facilitator and Coach(ACC) for CEOs and Senior Leadership. She is the CEO and Founder of Sidman Learning Solutions. She is consulting with premier leadership brands like Harvard Business School Publishing and YPO.
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