Time Management Tips for Busy Mothers

Time Management Tips for Busy Mothers

Time Management Tips for Busy Mothers – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Are you a busy mom looking for some time management tips? Hopefully I can help you out. For many years I worked a full time job, I was raising my son, and I was starting my own company on the side, so I kind of understand what it is like to be a busy mom. My first tip is really to compartmentalize your day. When I am at my day job I focus 100 percent on my day job to do the best that I can while I am there. As soon as I get home I focus 100 percent on my family. Spending time with my husband and my son and making sure that we are having quality time together. And then in the evening after my son goes to bed that is when I focus on my company. And splitting everything out and really focusing and having quality time for each of them far much more effective with my time and it was really helpful for me.

Another great thing is to outsource. Most people think that personal assistants are only for celebrities and sports figures, but it is not the case. In fact a number of moms have started companies with personal assistants just to help busy moms. It is a great resource and it is far more affordable than you can ever imagine. Just think if you had someone two hours a week who could run to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning, and run a few errands for you. It could save you so much time, and every mom knows how hard it is to run errands with small children. Outsourcing, finding a personal assistant to help you with a few of those tasks is well worth the money and a lot more affordable than you might think.

Another favorite thing that I like to do is prep at night for the next day. I like to have everything organized so that I can start my day off with a fresh start and really feel like it is going to be a great day. So the night before, whether it is packing up my son’s backpack, getting all of my work things in order, making a list for what I want to accomplish the next day, having the kitchen clean, really getting everything ready the night before so when you wake up you are off to a fresh clean start and everyone knows what they are going to do. It really, really helps and a little extra time at night is well worth it for the next day.

Of course, every mom needs a great organizer, and what is really cool is there are so many companies that are creating organizers, day planners and agendas that are just for moms. It really helps if you have multiple children, they are all color coordinated, they’re really unique items and they are really helpful for moms. Some of you like to use your iPhone or your Blackberry or different things online, there is a tremendous amount of really cool online organizational tools as well so you can do things online or on paper, whatever works for you. I like to use a combination of the two.

And last but not least learn to let go a little bit. We are all so busy and we cannot do everything, and I think a lot of moms put expectations a little too high on themselves only to be disappointed. Whether it is cutting down an activity of your child, I ended up giving up TV to help give me a few extra hours of my day, letting go a little, giving up a few things so you really do not have as much to do. Kind of setting your expectations a little lower so that you can enjoy some quality time with your family, and not feel so hurried running around, and just enjoy every moment that you have together.

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