Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

In this video I go through my time management tips! I hope this is helpful!

General tips for getting straight a’s- https://youtu.be/kWAqDojdwfc
How to study for core classes- https://youtu.be/zq8SkhL_ZfI

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Hey! My name’s Jessica and I’m 17 years old! On my channel I post lifestyle, Christian, challenge videos, and a lot of other fun content. Some of my hobbies are singing, dancing, reading, riding horses, riding jet skis, photography, and making YouTube videos (obviously hehe). I love expressing my personality through my editing style. Through YouTube I love trying new things and getting creative, but I also love spreading the word of God to the world! At night I love to watch the sunset or stargaze. My friends and family are super important to me. They’re my biggest supporters and I love them for that. I hope you’re having a blessed day!🌞

Popular uploads:
•No shampoo and conditioner for 4 months (no poo for oily long hair)- https://youtu.be/PFKmsgeynDA

•Yoga challenge- https://youtu.be/9u-AnUg95SI

•What’s on my iPhone 2019- https://youtu.be/6dFZkXPwey4

•Trying on all my old dance costumes- https://youtu.be/ozIqLVNiqWg

•Best friend tag (dancer edition)- https://youtu.be/QMhv6OgwO64

•Magic challenge- https://youtu.be/wORvXXjxX9g

•Waking up early to do YOGA for a week- https://youtu.be/HT22r2H_xJM

New vid every week!

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