Time Management System Video | 2D Cartoon Animation | Ezy Time

Time Management System Video | 2D Cartoon Animation | Ezy Time

Video@click created this Time Management System Video for a client Ezy Time. The client wanted us to showcase the effectiveness of their system that helps employees. We suggested 2D cartoon animation to resonate with the target audience being companies and employees.

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Videos are the way to reinvent your brand and here at Video at Click, we strive to make your brand stand among the top industry players so that you may emerge as the brand of choice. An explainer video helps explain a company’s story, product or service. Explainer videos are typically short and can be digital drawings, hand drawings or live action. Having said that the most popular types of explainer videos are animated videos, we have multiple types of video styles that include explainer videos, infographic videos, kinetic typography videos, stick figure animation videos, motion graphics videos, whiteboard animation, cartoon animation.

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