Time Management Strategies – How To Become More Productive with Life Coach Dieter Pauwels

Time Management Strategies – How To Become More Productive with Life Coach Dieter Pauwels

Time is the most important resource you have. You can’t manage time. We all have the same amount – 24 hours a day. You can never make more time, but you can learn to redefine your relationship with time by managing yourself and your daily activities more effectively. Life Coach Dieter Pauwels is sharing some tips and ideas on how to better manage your time and become more productive. For more information on time management programs, visit http://www.dieterpauwels.com

More tips and insights on how to better manage your time.

Success strategies for your personal life, career and business.

Prioritization and time management are very closely related and both are tied to your goals. Prioritization is a system of identifying which tasks are most important on a to-do- list. Once you have identified tasks in order of priority, you can more effectively allocate the right amount of time to each.

By setting priorities, I am not talking about your normal time management techniques. Those are important, but even more crucial to your health and well-being is the ability to prioritize your life, on the most basic level.

Finding the time to do all you need in a day can be tough if you’re unsure how to prioritize tasks. Too often we spend large amounts of time on tasks that have little impact when we should be putting all our energy into the tasks that are most valuable. We can often be busy without actually getting anything done, and this is where the art of preparation comes into play


We all procrastinate. It’s a problem we all face.
Actually we often spend more energy putting off a task than it takes to do it. In many ways we end up paying twice, once with all the energy avoiding what we know we must do and then, finally, once we actually do it.

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