Time Management #MentalHealth #Neurogenisis #anxiety #depression

Time Management #MentalHealth #Neurogenisis #anxiety #depression

Neurological studies show that it takes 6 weeks to develop new neural pathways in the brain in order to program new routines into your life.

This video is about the simple routine I am currently trying to introduce into my life, which I have been requested to share.

🔸Step 1
Write a simple list of all the things you need to do in your day e.g. eat, sleep, rest, meditate, exercise, vitamins/medication.

🔸Step 2
Split list into AM & PM tasks e.g. AM: breakfast, shower. PM: exercise, sleep etc

🔸Step 3
Split each AM & PM list into times e.g. 8am breakfast, vitamins, coffee. 9am shower. 2pm lunch etc

🔸Step 4
On an A3 piece of paper draw a big grid, as seen in video.

🔸Step 5
Write list of tasks, in order, down the first column on the left, including specified times.

🔸 Step 6
Stick A3 grid to the wall, somewhere easily accessible.

🔸Step 7
Attach pen to the wall by A3 grid, so you always have a pen to hand, as shown in video.

🔸Step 8
Set alarms on your phone for all the specified times on the grid so you remember to carry out tasks.

🔸Step 9
As you complete tasks tick them off in relevant box.

🔸Step 10
At the end of the day jot down the number of tasks you’ve accomplished in the day.

🔸Step 11
Congratulate yourself on how well you’ve done 👏

Side notes:

🔹Always include something you enjoy to do in the first 30minutes of the day to start your day happily.

🔹Rest and sleep is incredibly important for brain development, so make sure you rest.

🔹Never feel guilty for taking breaks at work, because if you got knocked down by a bus, your job would be in the paper quicker than your obituary (The Rock).

🔹Keep a different list of “weekly tasks” to choose from during your “activity” times.

🔹 It was been scientifically proven that water, cardiovascular exercise, and blueberries, help with brain development (neurogenesis/neurogenesis).

🔹”The Clean” is a weightlifting exercise that uses practically all the muscles in your body, as demonstrated in the video below. Then, when I’ve raised the bar, I lower it onto my shoulders and do 5 squats. I repeat this 20 times.
Weight bearing exercises are great for your bones.


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