Time Management for Freelancers in Ramadan | Discussion on Freelancing #LIVEwithSalmaNoreen

Time Management for Freelancers in Ramadan | Discussion on Freelancing #LIVEwithSalmaNoreen

How can we manage our time most effectively as a freelancer in Ramadan?

Time management for freelancers is one of the most crucial aspects of working from home, and, when not figured out early on, can be detrimental to your freelance career. So, it isn’t just challenging in the normal routine but also while the holy month of Ramadan when you want to do ibaadaat and earn for afterward more than this Dunia.

We’ve planned a proper LIVE session to figure it out before Ramadan to schedule our favorite month. Our today’s Panelists who are also our community members are as follows:

1- Abdul Manan Abid
This is Abdul Manan Abid Co-Founder and Managing Director CodeCoy Pvt. Ltd. Ex-Regional Head of e-Rozgaar Centers PITB

2- Paras Iqbal
Business Development Manager with 4+ years of experience mainly working on various marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer.com as well as winning direct clients using LinkedIn and Youtube.

3- Muhammad Khubaib Rasool
Young Entrepreneur, Writer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Freelancer, who has been empowering the local community at Hafizabad and People through the Internet, by the name Rozgar Baithak – Institution of Digital Skills and Earning.

4- Nisar Bhutta
A Freelance CAD Designer for Architectural, MEP, and Civil Projects. Having 15+ Years of Experience in the Design Field.

5- Salma Noreen
An award-winning Best Female Freelancer in Pakistan offering Content Marketing services & training to Pakistani youth. Winning 85% of freelance work using LinkedIn only, while also using freelance marketplaces for winning 15% of her clientele. Mainly active on freelancer.com with 4000+ happy clients.

6- Huma Shakeel Malik
Pharmacist/ Medical Content writer, having 6+ months experience but earning 1.25 Lacs PKR per month as a freelancer by doing direct freelancing.

7- Muhammad Zulqarnain
A freelancer for the past 1 year at Freelancer and Upwork. A VA for eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and giving customer support-related services.

8- Saad Khalid
A freelance copywriter, offering copywriting services to both local and international clients directly and on Fiverr.

9- Maryam Jabbar
An architect, working as a freelancer for the past two years. Her niche is the architectural design on Fiverr and Upwork.

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