Time Management Expertise Video eCourse Intro — Personal Development

Time Management Expertise Video eCourse Intro — Personal Development


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Here are the relevant titles inside the course:

*Video 1 : Time management expertise HD Video Training

*Video 2 : The basics

*Video 3 : How to identify and eliminate time waster

*Video 4 : The Pareto principles Introduction and hoe to apply it

*Video 5 : How to manage multiple priorities

*Video 6 : Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix

*Video 7 : How to colour-coding to increase productivity

*Video 8 : 4D’s of time management

*Video 9 : Tips to make the most of your time

*Video 10 : How to get rid of bad habits

*Video 11 : Employee time management

*Video 12 : Email management for batter time management

*Video 13 : Role of time management in stress management

*Video 14 : The benefit of time management

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