Time Management and Social Media | ARTwork: Digital Strategies for Visual Artists

Time Management and Social Media | ARTwork: Digital Strategies for Visual Artists

Some strategies for effectively managing both social media and your time.

ARTwork is a professional development program about working in the visual arts in Atlantic Canada. Through a series of videos and a downloadable guide (available at jonesgallery.ca/artwork), Jones Gallery curator Sarah Jones presents digital strategies for Atlantic Canadian visual artists. We share ideas about digitally presenting your portfolio in a professional way, how to navigate and manage social media, and how to digitally adapt during Covid-19 restrictions or other constraints. We distill some of our thoughts and experiences into (what we hope) is a useful guide for our region’s artists – a strategy to help you work, connect, and adapt in a digital environment.
ARTwork in supported by Canada Council for the Arts.

Jones Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Saint John, New Brunswick, with a programming focus on painting, sculpture and installation-based work by emerging and mid-career Canadian visual artists. The gallery is the recipient of numerous grants and awards for its programming and public outreach initiatives; its funders and supporters include the Sheila Hugh McKay Foundation, the Province of New Brunswick, and Canada Council for the Arts.

The gallery was co-founded and is currently owned and operated by siblings Caleb and Sarah Jones. They both consult widely on contemporary gallery management, arts entrepreneurship, career development, programming and professional development curricula for visual artists.

Sarah Jones (BA, MA Art History) is the co-founder and curator of Jones Gallery, as well as a visual artist and art historian. As a visual artist, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions across Canada and abroad, and her work is held in the public collections of the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Art Bank. Sarah is a recipient of numerous grants from ArtsNB and Canada Council for the Arts, and regularly serves on art juries around Atlantic Canada. She consults and speaks widely on business leadership, entrepreneurship in the arts, curation, and art history. Sarah teaches art history occasionally at University of New Brunswick Saint John and is the lecture lead for the Jones Gallery Study Abroad program.

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