Time Management | All Techniques Covered | Hindi | Bada Business

Time Management | All Techniques Covered | Hindi | Bada Business

Everything About Time Management:
1 Important of time management
2 Avoiding time wasters
3 ABC of delegation
4 Prioritization using Eisenhower matrix
5 How to maintain an activity log
6 How to use 1+1 +1 system for saving time
7 1-3-5 rule for time management
8 Pareto principal for time management
9 Parkinson ‘ s law
10 Steps for effective planning
11 52/17 system for time management
12 How to manage time with a work list
13 How to overcome distraction in life
14 How to say no
15 Link between time and productivity
16 120 min power formula for work-life
17 Time management –free tools
18 Time management –paid tools
19 Massive action plan for time management
20 Summary

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