Time Management

Time Management

Feeling responsible for others (and overwhelmed)? That may not be the best way of being in service to others.

One of the reasons we struggle with our time & energy, is because we disproportionately feel responsible for others – the team member who is lagging, our life partner who is struggling with their business, etc.

The distinction to make here is quality not quantity. And..to not bring emotions like guilt to the mix, because they just muddy up the truth.
Else, we end up doing everything & nothing, feeling stretched & overwhelmed, not making a difference to others or ourselves.

The oxygen mask analogy…put your own mask before assisting others, applies here. See, how it isn’t about just selfish?

Are you taking care of your own self – your physical, emotional needs, priorities at work? On the topic of priorities, use the Pareto principle (more in the comments), what is the 20% you can focus on that’ll drive 80% of joy, results, service?

This’ll help you focus on your priorities, leaving you with enough time to take care of yourself & others in an efficient (and soulful) way.

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