study q&a ☁ notetaking tips, time management, mental health

study q&a ☁ notetaking tips, time management, mental health

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hi friends, welcome to a new video. a very requested one! i grouped the questions from the instagram story in a document in these sections. here are about half of the questions, as i thought i would group the exam revision and cramming related ones for a part two.
i hope this helps even one student, as i know how tough school can be, the effect of the pressure of grades and comparison on your mental health, and being paralyzed by fear, all too well.

i hope i was able to say it’s okay to feel those things and we can find softness and kindness for ourselves as we try hard.
also, i feel like i should reinforce what i mentioned at the end of the video: all the footage filmed outside were throwbacks from before the pandemic – 2nd year most precisely. basically, wherever i have long hair, the rest was from this week, i just reached a point where i didn’t have enough footage but had more things to say. so i just squeezed in some footage a lot of u haven’t seen from older vlogs.ヾ(•ω•`)o

hmm i noticed two typos as i watched the video here last night, which frustrated me a lot since i rewatch the video a million times looking for them,, ╰(‵□′)╯can i do english please? so i fixed them and exported it again overnight. then when i woke up i saw some captions were out of place, and i had to fix it again and export it again during morning class. ヽ(≧□≦)ノ
it’s now the first of march…! let’s have a productive month ahead? we are doing well! let’s keep going. 🙊💗
take good care.

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