"Real World” Time Management How to Manage Multiple Priorities – Cliff Ennico – 5/4/21

"Real World” Time Management How to Manage Multiple Priorities – Cliff Ennico – 5/4/21

Time management is everyone’s biggest challenge, but it’s harder than ever to do. However, it must be done if your business is to survive and grow—and if you want to have a life! While many time management programs work well in theory, they often fall apart in today’s demanding world. You need hard, practical advice that works in the “real world”.

Attendees will learn:
· How to prioritize your workload and separate the “urgent” from the “important”
· How to manage client expectations without losing business
· How to tame your e-mail inbox and phone
· How to turn technology from an enemy into a friend
· What you should delegate to others, and what you should not delegate
· How to use “interruption protocols” and deal with the most common “time vampires”

Presenter: Cliff Ennico
CLIFF ENNICO (www.cliffennico.com), a nationally recognized small business legal and tax expert, is best known as the former host of MONEYHUNT on PBS, where entrepreneurs defended their business plans before America’s toughest panel of experts.

An attorney and small business consultant based in Fairfield, CT, he has helped launch over 15,000 businesses. He is the author of 16 books, most recently “The Crowdfunding Handbook: How to Raise Capital for Your Business Using Equity Funding Portals”.

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