Prioritization & Time Management Wars

Prioritization & Time Management Wars

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As a new leader, managing competing priorities can be challenging, you find yourself constantly caught up in the hamster wheel of completing your own personal and work-related tasks while still being on top of your teams’ tasks. You sometimes freeze from not knowing where to begin.

You want to meet peoples expectations, you want to deliver on commitments while ensuring your team is getting their work done. But how do you effectively manage all of that without having to trade your other needs, burning so many hours working overtime and taking work home? without trading your other interests, time for friends and family, etc.

In this vlog, I share a few simple but powerful approaches that has helped me over the years manage priorities, meet deadlines and goals while reducing burnout and making time for other interests.

Drop a comment if you are currently caught between the war of prioritization and time management. Who is winning?

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