PenguinGM superb time management #short #andrewtang

PenguinGM superb time management #short #andrewtang

Tang began playing chess in preschool. He was instructed by John Bartholomew as he was growing up.[citation needed] He earned the title of International Master in 2014 by winning the North American Junior Chess Championship.[1][2]

Tang earned the title of Grandmaster in November 2017, when he achieved his final norm and an Elo rating over 2500, both required for the title, in the Fall 2017 CCCSA GM Norm Invitational tournament, held in Charlotte, North Carolina.[3] FIDE awarded him the title in April 2018.[4]

In December 2018, he participated in the World Rapid Chess Championship in Saint Petersburg. Initially placed 190th of the seeding, Tang achieved a good result, scoring 8.5 points out of 15 rounds, and placing himself 59th.[5] In the tournament, he also played his first live match against world champion Magnus Carlsen.[6]

In the 2019 U.S. Junior Championship, Tang placed 4th out of 10 with 5/9.[7][8]

On October 1, 2020, Tang signed with the esports organization Cloud9 using the online ID penguingm1.[9]

Tang streams chess live on Twitch, preferring fast bullet chess games of 15, 30, or 60-second chess with no increment.

Tang graduated from Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota,[10] and attends Princeton University.

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