Partnering & Time Management for Land (Episode 48)

Partnering & Time Management for Land (Episode 48)

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Partnering & Time Management for Land

Ryan and Max are land business partners (and also run have been through starting up several businesses together and have a few insights to share if you’re thinking of starting a land business with a partner.

Both growing up with each other, both having a competitive side, and both being in the Airforce – they have learn to understand each other’s strengths.

Listen as these 2 share their stories, insights, and how they are currently managing a full time job, time zone differences, and running 2 businesses together!

Listen to this episode:
– testing out partnerships and the business model
– challenges running their businesses
– how they motivate each other

0:00 – Introduction
2:20 – How Max and Ryan started getting into land investing
4:48 – Previous projects before PRYCD
7:05 – Why did Max and Ryan decide to partner up
9:50 – Ideas on how to partner up
11:58 – Managing their time with a full time job, running PRYCD and land investing on the side
17:00 – Marketing and selling with a real estate agent
20:50 – Difficulties and challenges with the business
23:15 – Partnership Roles
25:20 – Surprising things Max and Ryan learned during the partnership
27:18 – Balancing time difference and communication
28:50 – Accountability within the partnership and keeping each other in check
31:33 – Finding fun with unspoken competition
33: 20 – General Thoughts about partnership
35:40 – Quick PRYCD overview
39:50 – Consulting with PRYCD
40:32 – Closing

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