Mental Health and Time Management in The Age of COVID-19

Mental Health and Time Management in The Age of COVID-19

Wondering how to navigate burn out? Looking to mitigate zoom fatigue and up your productivity?
The “Mental Health and Time-Management” webinar aims to educate listeners on how to maintain a healthy socioemotional and academic balance.

This webinar was hosted by General Intelligences a youth-led non-profit organization which has helped students in 70+ countries. Dee Dee Ogbogu and Nicole Sezan, GI Core Team members, provide students with great advice on how to manage their mental health and time. This workshop provided an interactive way for students to engage with their own habits and work to identify potentially problematic aspects of their routines.
In this webinar you will learn the following:
*What Perfectionism Is and How to Mitigate the Negative Components
*Tips and Tricks to Maximize your Productivity
*Techniques to Manage your Mental Health
*Hearing from Other Students (via chat) On Ways They Deal With These Challenges
*Learning How NOT to Handle Difficulties and Challenges
*Organizing and Planning your Time

After this video, be sure to implement some techniques to have a better balance.

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*Disclaimer: we are not licensed health professionals. If you are struggling with mental health then please reach out to a skilled healthcare provider.

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