Let's Call It: Ep. 1 – Time Management

Let's Call It: Ep. 1 – Time Management

Welcome! This is our first episode of the Let’s Call It Podcast!

In this week’s episode, two friends and Andrew catch up on how the week went, and Andy messes up someone’s name multiple times while Stephen is, as always, the role model of the group.

Thanks for watching!

0:08 – Intro
2:51 – College During a Pandemic
9:31 – Artistic Expression/ Why Our Majors
18:59 – Personality Types (MBTI)
25:17 – Top Tier Comedy by Andy
27:08 – Keeping Up w/ HS
28:30 – Roasting Our Time Management and Tangents
34:38 – Daily Routines
39:40 – Ambition
43:07 – Mario Story
46:15 – Christine, Christina, Kristen, Kristine?
48:15 – Conclusion

About – Let’s Call It is a podcast about three childhood friends catching up on their week. Join us every week for a little comedy, some introspection, and a good time. See how we arrive at our weekly titles and when we decide to just “call it” a day.

Contact – letscallitpodcast@gmail.com

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