Kalavai Sadham|Lunch Box ideas|Time management tips|Germany Tamil vlogs|Stressfree cooking|Food prep

Kalavai Sadham|Lunch Box ideas|Time management tips|Germany Tamil vlogs|Stressfree cooking|Food prep

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Please check out the video for easy to prepare Lemon Rice,Coconut Rice,Sesame seed Rice,Curd Rice,Sweet pongal,Morkuzhambu,raw banana grill using minimum ingredients and time saving tips.
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Sweetpongal chakkarai pongal
Ingredients needed  
 Raw Rice – 3/4 cup (3 cups water to cook)
 Moong dal/pasi paruppu – 1/4 cup
 Jaggery – 1 cup    
Ghee/clarified butter -1-2 tblspoon   
Almond flakes 1-2 tsp
(Cashew nuts -2 tbsp, Raisins -2 tbsp,   Cardamom – 1/4 tsp powder)  can be used

Lemon Rice
Ingredients needed   
cooked Rice -1 cup  
 Lemon -1-2 (juicy one)
Turmeric Powder -1/4 tsp
Salt to taste   
For the seasoning   
Oil-1 tblspoon
 Mustard seeds -1 tsp (optional)
 Urad dal -1 tsp (optional)
  Roasted gram or Channa dal -1 tsp
  Asafoetida -a pinch
  Green chillies -2
  Finely chopped ginger-1 tsp
  groundnuts or cashew nuts
  Curry leaves – few

Sesame Rice
Ingredients needed   
Sesame seeds/ ellu -2-3 tblspoon
Whole Urad dal -1 tblspoon
Cumin seeds/jeera seeds -1 tsp
Whole black pepper- 1/2 tsp
Red chillies 2-4
Salt as needed   For the sesame seed rice   Cooked rice – 1 cup
Sesame seed Oil – 1 tbsp
Curry leaves – few

 Coconut rice  
Ingredients needed   
Cooked rice -1 cups
Fresh grated coconut or dry shredded coconut -2-3 tblspoon   
For the seasoning   
coconut Oil -1 tbsp
Cumin seeds –1/2 tsp 
Channa dal/Bengal Gram/kadalai paruppu – 1/2 tbsp (optional)
Urad dal – 1 tsp
Red chillies – 2-3
curry leaves – few
Ginger (finely chopped or slivered ) – 1 inch piece
Asafoetida/Hing – a pinch
Cashew nuts -8-10
 Salt as needed 

Curd rice
Ingredients needed   
Raw Rice – 1/2 cup (1rice :3 water ratio)
Milk -1 cup (warm)
Curd/Plain yogurt – 1/3 cup   Asafoetida/Hing – a pinch
Salt as needed   
For the seasoning   
Oil – 2 tsp
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
 Green chilli – 1-2 finely chopped (optional)
 Ginger – 1 tbsp finely chopped(optionl)
 For Garnishing   Coriander leaves or pomegranate 

Morkuzhambu (Buttermilk gravy)
Oil 1 tblsp
bittergourd 1
turmeric 1 tsp
salt as needed
buttermilk 1 cup
Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp,
urad dal-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves- a sprig
For Grinding
Grated Coconut -1/4 cup (tightly packed)
Green chillies- 2
Tur dal -1 tsp
ajwain seeds 1 tsp,
Cumin seeds-Jeera -1 tsp
Raw rice -1/2 tsp
roasted gram 1 tsp

Raw Banana grill
Raw banana 2
chilly powder,garam masala,salt,turmeric and sesame oil as needed

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