Is The Lack of Time Management Dimming Your Light?

Is The Lack of Time Management Dimming Your Light?

As you will hear in this week’s video and through an interesting conversation between myself and a dear friend and colleague Raven, on Mastering Your Monday Podcast, there has been a recurring theme we keep seeing surface on multiple platforms and that’s the observation that many of us are living out our lives not fully engaged. That light and passion that used to fuel us, light us up is dulled or snuffed out for multiple reasons.

We allow outside influences and internal reels to keep us hostage and trapped into not having the courage to play full out.

One of the biggest culprits is literally time or lack thereof! Never having enough time to meet the demands of our life and feeling despondent under the weight of the stress.

Have you found yourself at some time or another so wrapped in the desire to help others, and so driven to be your best, that you’re falling short and it doesn’t feel good?

I get it and that’s what drove me to do this challenge on April 19th, Reclaim Your Time! Find out more in the link below and don’t forget to mosey on over to Mastering Your Monday Podcast and listen in on the conversation between Raven and me.

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