HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY BALANCE MULTIPLE PROJECTS: 2 Time Management Strategies to Get It All Done!

HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY BALANCE MULTIPLE PROJECTS: 2 Time Management Strategies to Get It All Done!

Wondering how to SUCCESSFULLY balance multiple projects so nothing falls through the cracks? I share two PROVEN time management strategies to get it all done so you can manage multiple projects without missing deadlines or killing yourself to get everything done.

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0:00 Why you need to know how to balance multiple projects
1:11 Project management method no. 1
3:41 Project management method no. 2
5:07 Tip for balancing multiple projects no. 1
6:06 Tip for balancing multiple projects no. 2
7:32 Tip for balancing multiple projects no. 3
8:49 Tip for balancing multiple projects no. 4
9:41 Tip for balancing multiple projects no. 5
11:09 Final thoughts for how to successfully balance multiple projects

Balancing multiple projects is hard! But it’s also part of life. If you’ve ever thrown your hands up wondering how to get all your projects done on time & without going crazy, I’ve got the answers! The two time management strategies I review in this “project management 101” tutorial will show you how to get it all done and how to complete multiple projects at once. These project management basics tips walk you through the various ways to approach multi-project management so you know how to balance multiple projects in a way that makes managing multiple projects as easy as it can be.

Figuring out how to successfully manage multiple projects at once isn’t easy, but the 2 time management strategies I cover will both help you do just that.


Which Tasks to Prioritize
Tame Your To-Do List
How to Know What to Do FIRST
Why You SHOULD Procrastinate
How to Set GOOD Goals

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Join me on the journey to a simpler, more productive and peace-filled life!

Tired of being stressed and overwhelmed? Simplicity is the answer!

Having more to do than time to do it is not only exhausting, it’s unsustainable. Believe me, I know: balancing a full-time career with having three kids in 4.5 years while trying to maintain my own identity and sanity has been HARD! But I’ve been determined to make it work—to simplify my life by being as productive and purposeful as possible. And if I can do it, you can too! I see simplicity as both a MINDSET and a METHODOLOGY: It’s about finding internal contentment no matter our external circumstances and figuring out how to make more time for who and what we value.

As an academic researcher, I’ve OBSESSIVELY sought out scientifically-proven ways to enhance efficiency and success while overcoming burnout and despair. My goal is to help you know what I only wish I had—that there are simpler ways of doing what you MUST in order to maximize doing what you LOVE.



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