How to cover syllabus in short time | Time management (tips) for students

How to cover syllabus in short time | Time management (tips) for students

How to cover syllabus in short time | Time management (tips) for students in Hindi.

In this video we have covered all the tips and techniques, that will help you cover more syllabus in less time. You can learn how toppers study more in less time. The techniques in this video are from the book “How to become a straight A student” by Cal Newport. In this book, author has discussed all the things that A grade students apply for an effective study session. This video will teach you how to build a fully functional Time-Management System to become organized and complete your tasks way before the deadline, and also the technique to study more in less time.

The problem of students who study for long hours is they focus on the topics to cover. They lack focus and concentration because they study in a very distracted environment. This bad study habits destroy brain’s ability to think clearly and efficiently. This is called “pseudo-working”. Toppers never do pseudo-work. They never do this mistake of studying for longer and draining energy and wasting efforts instead they focus on doing the work quickly and they fear to study for longer time. The equation for accomplishing the work is work accomplished equals time spent multiplied intensity of focus. Their focus is on maximizing intensity and minimizing time. The reason why toppers study less because they replace long, low intensity study hours with short, high intensity study sessions.
The technique to make each session effective with maximum focus is as important as timing like following an efficient schedule, banish pseudo-work. For this you need to gain control over your lifestyle which is quite a big tssk- after intense work sessions taking breaks to recharge is also important, this requires time- management skills, overcoming the urge to procrastinate, so that you follow your schedule and this requires self-motivation. To obtain highest level of focus- choosing right location, times of day, durations to study are another 3 important factors, hence if it is not done correctly it can sabotage your ability to focus

In this video:
◆ how to cover syllabus in one month (Hindi)
◆time management tips
◆time management for students
◆time management system (Hindi)
◆study more in less time
◆how to follow timetable for study in Hindi
◆how to become a straight a student
◆how to be disciplined

Once you begin, there will be distractions – in the form of commitments, unwanted calls, visits etc. Your utmost commitment should be to your studies. Days are disappearing fast. Time is less. Stay away from distractions.


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