How I Manage My Time and be Ultra Productive | 5 Time Management Tips for College Students

How I Manage My Time and be Ultra Productive | 5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Here are 5 productivity tips that will help you manage your time and will enable you to get more work done in the same amount of time. Here is how I manage my time as a college student and also work on my social media agency( MarkitUp), my freelance work, and youtube at the same time.

I just simply use a pen and paper to plan what I’ll do in a day.
I also use Google Keep to make like a checklist
I use notion to make a trello-like interface to manage the videos I’ll be making for the channel
This video isn’t sponsored my notion, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it, since a lot of people on youtube talk about it.
I also use the pomodoro technique, 80:20 principle and more!
You can also use a quadrant and put down the tasks that are urgent, not urgent, important and not important.

I also use Google calendar to schedule any meetings I have.

That’s it! That’s how I manage my time and be ultra productive.
At the same time, I make sure that I have plenty of free time with me throughout the day to learn new skills.
0:00 – Introduction
1:35 – Use a simple pen and paper to schedule everything for the day
1:51 – How I use Google Keep
2:05 – Google Calendar
2:17 – Plan ahead in time
2:30 – How I plan my youtube videos
3:00 – How I use Notion(not sponsored)
3:45 – How I schedule my day
4:55 – How I manage college studies
6:00 – How to avoid social media
6:26 – Why switching context is bad for you
7:45 – Listen to audiobooks to save time
8:13 – Other effective techniques
9:14 – Outro
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