EPQ Secrets: Time Management – Using The ORP Method To Budget Time For Your Extended Project

EPQ Secrets: Time Management – Using The ORP Method To Budget Time For Your Extended Project

In this video, we look at how you can work out the Estimated Completion Time for tasks associated with your EPQ by using the ORP model.

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I will do my very best to answer your questions about the EPQ. Check out the most frequently asked questions playlist here.

When I was studying A levels, I was frustrated by the rigidity of the exam board specifications and was keen to do my own research in to specific areas of personal interest. As an experienced teacher and examiner, I am now able to support students with their EPQs and guide them on their way to making their academic aspirations a reality. Whether you are an aspiring medic, dentist, lawyer or vet, whether you’re doing the EPQ to gain extra UCAS points or to develop an area of expertise, I hope you find the videos on this channel useful so that you make your EPQ a success!

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AQA 2020/21 PRODUCTION LOG: https://filestore.aqa.org.uk/admin/crf_pdf/AQA-7993-CRF-21.PDF
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Martin Blyth read Business and Management at Aston University. He joined MPW Birmingham in 2014, becoming Director of Teaching and Learning in 2017. Martin has been the EPQ centre co-ordinator for MPW Birmingham since 2015 and regularly hosts information webinars and conferences about the EPQ for international education agents. The EPQ at MPW Birmingham is incredibly successful with 74% of students receiving an A* or A grade in summer 2019. In addition to having centre responsibility for EPQ, Martin also teaches Economics and Business. Martin is a senior examiner for AQA Economics and has recently consulted on the creation of CGP textbooks for A level Business and Economics. The videos on this YouTube channel are the individual thoughts of Martin and do not necessarily represent the views of MPW or AQA.

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