CFA Level 1 – Time Management Tips

CFA Level 1 – Time Management Tips

Hey Guys, welcome back to the channel and hope you are having a great day! In todays video I am going to run through some time management tips to help you ace the CFA Level 1 exam!

0:00 Introduction
2:02 Answer questions in numerical order
3:43 Use the 30 minute break in between session
4:57 Do the practice exam
6:42 Double & triple check answers

πŸ€“Check out the link to pick up the notes I used to study toward my level 1 exam! πŸ“š


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I’m Luke a recently qualified chartered accountant and finance professional working at one of the big four accountancy firms in London also studying towards the CFA Level 1 exam. This channel is aimed to support students who are studying towards their accountancy, ACA and CFA exams and to hopefully provide some insight and enjoyment as I document my progress!

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