Attention Management Book Review | truth about time management

Attention Management Book Review |  truth about time management

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Why is attention management more important than time management. Presenting to you the attention management book review. Attention management is a book authored by Maura Navel Thomas who is a speaker, trainer & expert in productivity management.

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Hello, my name is Haritosh Srivastav. I started my toastmasters’ journey 4 years ago from TCS Maitree toastmasters club in District 41. I have been part of multiple clubs in India , USA and now in UK. Have played multiple club officer roles including President, VP-Education, as well as VP- Public Relations. In my role as president of the Pioneer 17 toastmasters club in Indianapolis, USA the 17th club in world, we celebrated 85th anniversary in 2018. I have also been Toastmasters Pathways guide and have taken multiple sessions about Pathways, Club culture etc. in District 11. I has also been an international speech contestant, winning at club and area level and recently came as first runner up at division level contest in District 91. In July 2019 I earned distinguished toastmaster (DTM) recognition.
By profession, I am an IT professional with 12+ yrs. experience and am proudly associated with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) since 2012. Currently I am working is a IT Project Manager, managing a portion of IT portfolio of one of the top 10 global pharma customer.

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