9 Tips for Time Management for Engineers – Engineering Online PDH Courses

9 Tips for Time Management for Engineers – Engineering Online PDH Courses

In this video we reveal to the top 9 tips for time management for engineers. Use these tips for time management to get more done and to find the time to take on more projects. Project Engineers and Project Managers (Engineering Managers) will find these tips very useful. As Project Engineers or Project Managers (Engineering Managers) you must use your engineering leadership skills to not only manage your time, but your entire teams time. How many of these tips have you and your team used to managed your company’s tasks?

What projects in your company that need better time management? Are you ready to manage all of your tasks with good time management techniques? Prepare yourself now to be an effective Project Engineer or Project Manager. Your skills to lead and inspire your team will be extremely important. ***** Engineering Online PDH Courses ****

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📒 Show Notes and Resources 📒

(Video) This video discusses 11 techniques to manage your smart goals. Techniques that all Project Engineers and Project Managers need to know:

******* Timeline ********
0:00 Introduction
1:40 Tip #1: Plan Your Time
4:06 Tip #2: ABCDE Task Priorities
9:54 Tip #3: Time for Tasks
11:35 Tip #4: Delegate Tasks
14:22 Tip #5: Phone Control
18:26 Tip #6: Use Emails
20:45 Tip #7: Just Say No
23:28 Tip #8: In-Office Vacation
25:13 Tip #9: Limit Meetings

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