6 Tips For Better Time Management | What I Do

6 Tips For Better Time Management | What I Do

Here’s an insight into everything I am doing at the moment and how I manage my time so I can actually get things done!

To make your life easier:
00:00 – About me
02:12 – We own all of our time
03:27 – Hell yes or no?
04:49 – Time blocking
05:39 – Parkinson’s Law
07:09 – Rest is just as important
08:32 – Choosing to be content

I am a 24 year old Colombian living in London. I’m currently working as a technician, I run an online business, and am future doctor who loves to travel, eat and workout. I have also recently been enjoying making videos about personal development and lifestyle and am sharing them with you all right here ☺️

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IG – @danncb

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