3 Tips for Better Time Management in DENTAL SCHOOL

3 Tips for Better Time Management in DENTAL SCHOOL

🦷🧠 More done in less time. Ok we can do this. I promised you all this video weeks ago, and I’m finally delivering it! These are 3 things that I think we should all be doing to manage our time more effectively. I am a busy man. I have dental school, my job with Bootcamp.com, my Youtube channel/Instagram, on campus video projects, and of course my family and friends. With all of these items in the balance, it has become very important for me to manage my time effectively. I hope this video gives you a window into what I like to do!

00:00 – The Question
00:18 – The Answer
02:50 – Three Pillars of Success
03:55 – Tip1: Organization and Scheduling
07:20 – Tip2: Smarter Not Harder
09:27 – Tip3: Lab Time is Precious
11:46 – I Have Been RAMBLING

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