🐾 northeastern university Q&A pt. 2 | dorm life, dining hall food, time management and more! 🐾

🐾 northeastern university Q&A pt. 2 | dorm life, dining hall food, time management and more! 🐾

second and final part of my q&a video! don’t worry if i didn’t get to your question as i will continue to answer questions in the comments and on my instagram story! i know i talked a lot for no reason lol and i talked for an insane amount of time about the bathroom situation which i only now realize is pretty embarassing hahahhah. I ended up not actually having a lot of questions to answer in the second part but i will be doing an instagram live at some point when decisions come out to answer more questions so if you’re interested give the video a like and i will ask more about it in the future so make sure to go check out my instagram too! hope this was helpful even if it only really talked about my dorm life, the dining hall food (don’t know why i talked so long about it) and how i manage my time and stuff! as always if you have any video requests lmk in the comments and i will see you in the next one! bye!!!!

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Q&A pt.1!: https://youtu.be/M7JJ9-hWrcA
Northeastern Off-Campus Vendors for Dining Dollars: https://mobile.usablenet.com/mt/www.northeastern.edu/huskycard/vendors/off-campus-vendors/



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